Making Lemonade out of Lemons
by Steve Ford, 2010

While walking through the streets of Siena, Italy, we came across this sidewalk chalk art...

Lemonade 1

I decided to see if I could turn this image into something a little more attractive, and began by taking advantage of the lines the artist had drawn on the sidewalk to define a frame for his art. With the Photoshop skew function I was able eliminate the perspective introduced into the image by the oblique angle of the shot, simply by stretching the upper part of the image until the lines were more or less vertical.

Lemonade 2

Like this...

Lemonade 3

Then I scaled the image, making it taller and narrower to instill more lifelike proportions.

Lemonade 4

Finally, I used regional color adjustment to bring the subject more into the foreground relative to the shadow that happened to be cast across her face, and to brighten and enrich the all the colors. Also, I cropped the image and used the clone tool to remove a few scraps of litter that appeared in the original image.

Lemonade 5

Just making a little visual lemonade...